Ali El Idrissi El Bouzidi
Türk Traktör ve Ziraat Makineleri A.Ş.

Ali El İdrissi El Bouzidi, who done his post graduate  in mechanical engineering at Politecnico di Torino University in 2000, started his professional career as Manufacturing Engineering Specialist in Fiat Group. Between 2002 and 2010, he worked respectively as Product Evaluation Specialist, Manufacturing Methodologies Specialist, Quality Methodologies Specialist and New Product Quality Manager in CNH America LLC. He worked as Compact Tractors and Attachments Platform Manager at CNH Industrial NV between 2010 and 2014. In April 2014, he appointed as Product Line Group Manager of Türk Traktör ve Ziraat Makineleri A.Ş. He has been continuing to work as Assistant General Manager (Product – R&D) at Türk Traktör ve Ziraat Makineleri A.Ş. since October 2014.

Cem Özen

Ford Otomotiv San. A.Ş.

 Cem Özen is the Powertrain Test & Design Verification Manager at Ford Otomotiv San. A.Ş. since          2011. He obtained BSc. and MSc. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University in    1993 and 1998. Before starting his professional carreer, he accomplished a MBA  program in Istanbul  University Institute of Business Administration in 1994. His professional carreer started as a CAD/CAM engineer in ÇAĞ CAD/CAM Ltd. in 1994. In 1999 he joined Ford Otomotiv San. A.Ş. as a product development engineer as a member of the team which developed the 7.3L Ecotorq heavy duty diesel engine. He was responsible for part, assembly design and drawing preparation of Power Cylinder parts and FEAD (Front End  Accessory Drive) systems and for validating Engine Design Verification tests on dyno and vehicles. 

He designed, developed and signed off several base engine systems, sub-systems and components for several engine projects such as Ecotorq 7.3L, Puma I5, Puma I4 Upgrade, V6&V8, DW10F, Ecotorq 9.0L, Ecotorq 12.7L since 1999.

In 2007 he took responsibility of the Gölcük Engine Dyno Test Facility consisting of 4 engine testbeds as Asst. Manager – Engine Design Verification, Prototype & Test.

He managed the expansion and growth of existing test centres and establishment of new test facilities between 2010 – 2014 in Ford Otosan Powertrain Department.

· Gölcük R&D Test Centre (growth from 4 to 13 testbeds - new establishment in 2012) – 1000m2

· İnönü Prototype Engine Build Bay (new establishment in 2012) – 930m2

· Gölcük Heavy Duty Powertrain R&D Lab (new establishment in 2014) -500m2

· İnönü R&D Test Centre (new establishment in 2014) – 500m2

By 2016, he is managing total 4 facilities in Gölcük & İnönü (18 engine testbeds incl.cold dyno, 1 Semi-Anechoic PT NVH Cell, 6 prototype engine build stations, Heavy Duty Powertrain R&D Lab) with a team consisting of 125 employees (34 engineers and 91 test technicians) in three locations (Sancaktepe, Gölcük and İnönü).

His technical background includes powertrain design verification,high technology test facility establishment & management, team building / management & development, project planning & execution.

He received with Ford Otosan Gölcük R&DTest Center “Multi Purpose Cold Dyno and Multi-Config Semi-Anechoic PT NVH Cell” enablers, the ‘International Engine Test Facility of the Year – 2013 Award’ by Automotive Testing Technology International Magazine.

Daniel Muller Spinelli
Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S

Daniel Muller Spinelli is the Senior Manager for Body in White Development at Mercedes Benz Turk A.S since beginning of 2014. He got his BSc. and MSc. degree in Mechanical engineering with focus on automotive design and simulation at University of Sao Paulo in 1995 and 2001 respectively. In 2012 he concluded his PhD in materials science, fatigue and fracture, at the same university. Before starting his PhD he accomplished a Marketing MBA and Project Management education program. His professional life began after getting his BSc. degree as a CAE engineer at Daimler responsible for durability, strength and crash analysis. When coming back from a one year experience at the commercial vehicles development headquarters he assumed a management position at Mercedes Benz do Brasil leading several development teams and vehicle projects during ten years. Assuming a Senior Management position in 2011, he was able to contribute to the company growth by setting modern management fundamentals over the different teams under his responsibility. His technical experience is concentrated on vehicle concept, design and simulations, prototype construction, product documentation and bodybuilder advisory, while his management background are focused on vehicle project management, team building and lean development processes.

Erdem Bektaş
YTÜ Teknopark, Turkey

Erdem BEKTAŞ obtained BSc degree in Yıldız Technical University, Mechanical Engineering Department. Also, he obtained MSc degree in Minnesota, USA and he worked as Research Assitant. He worked in Research and Development department as Senior Engineer in Mobil between 1962 and 1966. Also, he worked as Production Manager and Manager of the Executive Board in Chrysler between 1968-2010.  He has been working as Manager of the Executive Board of YTÜ Teknopark since 2008.

Erhan Küçüksüleymanoğlu

Erhan Küçüksüleymanoğlu is Innovation and Technology Development Manager of TOFAŞ - FIAT TURKEY. He took his BSc degree from Middle East Technical University at 1989 in Mechanical Engineering. He took his MSc at 1999 from Business Administration Dep. Of Uludağ University. His PhD is still going on at the same department. He attended Harvard Business School Executive Education Programme at Leading Product Innovation.



Hakan Soyhan
Sakarya University, Turkey

Dr. Hakan Serhad Soyhan has been a member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sakarya University since 1992. He received his BEng (1992), MSc (1995) and PhD (2000) from Istanbul Technical University and did post-doctoral research in chemical kinetics at the Combustion Physics Division at Lund University in Sweden and on HCCI engines and chemical kinetics at Shell Global Solutions in Chester, UK. Currently, he has been working on combustion modelling studies in relation to emission reduction and control of emissions from transportation as an Associate Professor in the Engineering Faculty at Sakarya University. He founded "Local Energy Research Association (YETA)" and was the head of YETA till 2015. He is a member of associates in the ASME Internal Combustion Engine section and in the board of management at the Team-SAN Co. ( He is also advisor for several projects held in companies in Automotive Sector in Turkey.

Jeng-Haur Horng
National Formosa University, Taiwan

He has been workin as Distinguished Professor in National Formosa University since 2009. He is the President of Taiwan Society of Tribology Technology. Also he is the President of Academia-Industry Technology Alliance for Tribology and he has been working as Director in Micro/Nano Tribology and Surface Engineering Center since 1995.



Preparatory School for Engineering Studies of Sfax , Tunisia

Dr. Maher DAMMAK Isin obtained his MSc and PhD degrees from 91 to 95  Ph.D, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnic School of Montreal, Canada in 1990 and 1995 respectively.  Currently, he is working at Preparatory School for Engineering Studies of Sfax , Tunisia . His main research area includes Biomechanics: Joint fixation designs, modelling of the knee joint, modelling of biomedical, interfaces, fixation studies of posts and screws, pull-out response, finite element analysis of implant, Tribology: Friction, nonlinear friction at biomaterial, wear, surface analysis, Contact mechanics:  Numerical and experimental contact mechanics, Materials: Composite powder coatings, polymer matrix filled with powder.

Mustafa Çanakçı
Kocaeli University, Turkey

Dr. Canakci received his B.Sc. degree from Automotive Engineering Technology, Gazi University, Ankara-Turkey, in 1989. He earned his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and Iowa State University in 1996 and 2001, respectively. After working as a Research Fellow in Engine Research Center (University of Wisconsin-Madison), he started to work as an Assistant Professor in Kocaeli University-Turkey. Currently, Dr. Canakci has been working as a Professor in Department of Automotive Engineering. He teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses related to IC engines, combustion and fuels. He has authored several publications in national and international journals, and involved in R&D projects related to alternative fuels and their usage in IC engines. 

Mustafa Duyar
FEV, Turkey

Mustafa Duyar is Virtual Engine Global Product Business Manager at FEV, one of the leading powertrain engineering companies.  He obtained BSc. and MSc. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University in 1999 and 2002, respectively.  He started his professional career at Arcelik A.S. as Product Development Engineer where he was responsible for NVH performance and mechanical efficiency of reciprocating compressors for refrigerators.  Upon receiving his MSc. degree he decided to continue his career abroad in automotive industry and joined Ricardo plc, another leading powertrain engineering company.  During his 10 years career at Ricardo plc. he contributed to the success of the company as Senior Software Engineer, Team Leader and Product Manager.  In 2012 he returned back to Turkey and started working at Anova Engineering as Business Development Manager and Technical Consultant. Since 2014 he has been working at FEV as Global Product Business Manager for Virtual Engine which is powertrain mechanical dynamics software.  Over the 17 years professional life he visited various automotive OEMs, Tier1/Tier2 suppliers numerous times all around the globe including China, Japan, South Korea, India, Europe and North America, worked in various powertrain development projects and gave number of trainings to powertrain CAE engineers on simulation driven powertrain development and use of mechanical dynamics software. His technical background includes powertrain mechanical dynamics, power cylinder systems design analysis, engine tribology, friction and wear prediction, lubricant oil consumption, blow-by, blow-back gas flows. 

Mustafa Eser
Erin Motor Company, Şahin Metal Company

Mustafa Eser obtained his MSc degrees from Yildiz Technical University, Turkey in 1965. His main research area includes internal combustion engines and engine design. He studied in Motosan Company between 1967-1980. He designed first single and two cylinders internal combustion engine in Turkey.  He is workin as chairman of the executive board of Şahin Metal and Erin Motor Companies.


Otokar, Turkey.

Dr. Namık Kılıç obtained Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bogazici University, in 1993. He worked as a research assistant in Marmara University Engineering Faculty and completed his Msc and Phd studies in Mechanical Engineering.

His professional experience started with R&D engineering position in Uzel Corporation in 1997. Between 2002-2007, he worked on suspension, fuel delivery and steering systems in Ford Otosan product development.

He holds CAE manager position in Otokar since 2007.

Namik’s professional interests include vehicle engineering, simulation, multi-body dynamics, engineering materials, blast and ballistics. He has many publications and patents on the relevant topics. He is a member of Automotive Technologies Platform OTEP.

Somchai Wongwises
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

Somchai Wongwises is currently a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangmod, Thailand. He received his Doktor Ingenieur (Dr.-Ing.) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hannover, Germany, in 1994. His research interests include Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow, Heat Transfer Enhancement, and Thermal System Design. Professor Wongwises is the head of the Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering and Multiphase Flow Research Laboratory (FUTURE).